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Click on Register/Login On the main menu, a modal will pop up from there click New User? Register Here.

Click on Register/Login On the main menu, a modal will pop up with login form.

Your account will be automatically activated if your registration is successful.

To reset your account password, click on Register/Login On the main then click on (Forgot Your Password?) link.

If you have registered before kindly reset your password using the instruction in number 4 above.

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Browse through the site and add your preferred course(s) to the cart, checkout by clicking the cart icon at the top of the website then proceed to complete your order.

Login to your account then goes to your dashboard by clicking on the menu that shows your name on the main menu. The list of your active course will be shown to you.

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Yes, your subscription will expire after 30 days even if you dont login or use the course.

We support the following mode of payments; 1. ATM Debit Card, 2. Wallet System, 3. Offline Bank Deposit/Transfer.

Eskuul wallet system can be used to keep money in your account and use it to buy a course at any time. It is the most convenient method of subscribing to our course.

From your dashboard click on the wallet then add fund, fill the form and choose your preferred payment method.

No, your wallet balance can only be used to purchase on Eskuul.

You need to subscribe to a course in order to access it, from your dashboard click on your active course and study.

Yes, you will get a certificate for your completed course(s). The certificate can be verified through our website.

To renew your subscription simply go to the course page and subscribe once again your access will be restored for another 30days.

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Kindly send us an email to to report any kind of security issues.

Kindly reset your password by clicking forgot password on the login page. If you cannot reset your password, kindly send an email to

Eskuul is protected with secure sockets layer (SSL) which encrypts your data and make it impossible for a hacker to steal. We also don’t store your card details.

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To become a tutor on Eskuul kindly register as a tutor/teacher. The platform anybody you to create your online courses, book, handout etc in many formats (Text, Word Doc, PDF, Video and Audio).

A details terms of tutor can be found here here

We have a community of teachers, tutors, author etc on the forum who are ready to assist you with any questions, also you can reach how to our Support Team for an assistant.