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Eskuul Advantages

Reason Why Choose Eskuul


Eskuul enables you to study from anywhere in the world. Whether you are at home in your pyjamas or travelling the world, you can still keep up with your classes - as long as you have an internet connection..


Eskuul warehouse an increasing variety of courses, programmes, professional courses, project’s topics, books, handout and Curriculum-based class notes you can choose from..


Next to being able to choose what to study, On Eskuul, you are also free to choose when to study. You can combine it with other commitments like family duties or with a job where you are earning while you’re learning. You’re free to set up your own schedule and study at your own pace..


On Eskuul you will meet students from all over the world that are interested in a career in the same field you are in. You’ll not only make professional connections but could also make friendships with people from a range of different areas and cultures..


On Eskuul, everyone has access to online courses. There are far less or even no prerequisites or formal requirements to enrol. On top of that, you will have access to the best-experienced industry experts from around the world..


With only one click you can get help or advice from online tutors, including some of the worlds’ top-notch teacher and our community. You will receive great support from the tutors and get individual feedback to help advance your studies..

Stand out

Taking online courses will help you stand out from the crowd. You will be able to choose from unique courses that students who follow only their school programme don’t have access to. In the process of learning something new, you will also gain skills like self-reliance, self-motivation, time-management and so on..

Get ahead

Studying on Eskuul will help you get ahead of your class and even the rest of the bunch when applying for a job. You prove that you’re capable of achieving things on your own. And if you’re working while learning, you will not only a have degree, but also gained valuable work experience within the same time others only just graduated..

Career progression

If you’re already employed, studying on Eskuul will help you further your career. It allows you to constantly add skills to your CV which you can already start applying while you’re still learning..


Thanks to Eskuul Team with designing such a wonderful learning experience. Appreciate your contributions towards learning and evaluation. Best wishes

Abel Nonso Student

A really interesting platform for someone who is already teaching and wants to spice up the classroom or for someone who has absolutely no knowledge of online teaching and want to teach online.

Esther Olatunde Teacher
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Eskuul FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?

Click on Register/Login On the main menu, a modal will pop up from there click New User? Register Here.

How do I log in?

Click on Register/Login On the main menu, a modal will pop up with login form.

How do I activate my account?

Your account will be automatically activated if your registration is successful.

How do I recover/reset my account password?

To reset your account password, click on Register/Login On the main then click on (Forgot Your Password?) link.

How do I subscribe to a course/bundle?

Browse through the site and add your preferred course(s) to the cart, checkout by clicking the cart icon at the top of the website then proceed to complete your order.

How do I access my course?

Login to your account then goes to your dashboard by clicking on the menu that shows your name on the main menu. The list of your active course will be shown to you.

Tempore blanditiis praesentium cupiditate nam.?

Praesentium qui non qui neque accusantium quisquam saepe. Cum temporibus qui molestiae quos. Soluta est officiis veritatis id dolor facilis. Repudiandae doloribus vel sunt officia corrupti consequatur voluptatem.

Et odio dolore porro.?

Ad magni officiis qui occaecati et veniam. Quod omnis necessitatibus culpa recusandae magni eum qui nulla. Autem dicta fuga quia ipsa.

How do I study online?

You need to subscribe to a course in order to access it, from your dashboard click on your active course and study.

Do I get a certificate for my course?

Yes, you will get a certificate for your completed course(s). The certificate can be verified through our website.

How do I renew my subscription to my course(s)?

To renew your subscription simply go to the course page and subscribe once again your access will be restored for another 30days.

Eligendi molestiae magnam architecto.?

Ea nihil culpa cum tempore. Et sit nesciunt ea quia tempore ducimus. Quas aut quidem numquam et voluptas.

How do I report a security breach?

Kindly send us an email to to report any kind of security issues.

I suspect my account has been hacked.

Kindly reset your password by clicking forgot password on the login page. If you cannot reset your password, kindly send an email to

How secure is the payment system?

Eskuul is protected with secure sockets layer (SSL) which encrypts your data and make it impossible for a hacker to steal. We also don’t store your card details.

Aliquam mollitia expedita eveniet veritatis.?

Nobis corporis in magni assumenda et. Soluta ut nihil dolorem nihil facilis accusamus nisi eum. Unde dolores nobis sequi inventore occaecati.

How do I teach and earn money on Eskuul?

To become a tutor on Eskuul kindly register as a tutor/teacher. The platform anybody you to create your online courses, book, handout etc in many formats (Text, Word Doc, PDF, Video and Audio).

What is the terms and conditions of teaching on Eskuul

A details terms of tutor can be found here here

Where can I get help?

We have a community of teachers, tutors, author etc on the forum who are ready to assist you with any questions, also you can reach how to our Support Team for an assistant.

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